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Actor Jeeva Dances, Peps Up Students At A Chennai School 

The 13th annual day celebration of Sri Sushwani Matha Jain Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School at Pulianthope in Chennai was held today November 8th 2019.

Video Promo - 13th ANNUAL DAY of Sri Sushwani Matha Jain Vidyalaya.. Mr.GY.Mohanakrishnan, B.A., B.L. President Madras High Court Advocates Association , Co.Chairman Bar Council of Tamilnadu & Pondicherry, his perspective about the school.

OUR JOURNEY FROM 2007 - 2017


SRI SUSHWANI MATHA JAIN VIDYALAYA was established in the year 2007 by Shri Goutam Chand Surana, an educationist and an able administrator, serving for the cause of education for the past three decades.

The school is named after Sushwani Matha, The Goddess of Surana Parivar.

The school is owned and managed by Tejraj Goutham chand Surana Trust. This is a Co-educational Institution with the present strength of 1000 students from Pre-KG to Secondary level.

The School was started with an aim to impart quality education at affordable fee structure and it also serves the educational needs of the city’s thickly populated area.

From the humble beginning we made in 2007 with 133 students, the institution is now expanded and established as one of the premiere CBSE School in and around Pulianthope in all aspects, having crossed many memorable milestones, today our school is a dream destination for students, teachers and parents alike. The School had a steady incline in the total student enrolment.

Sri Sushwani Matha Jain Vidyalaya is touching a new milestone this academic year 2016 – 2017. In its journey towards excellence, SSMJV has completed a decade. Selfless devotion to serve the young generation and the genuine philanthropic ideals of the management coupled with the commitment of all staff made this success possible.

The growth was made possible only because of the vision of the Founder Chairman, Shri. Goutham Chand Surana and by the continued support of Tejraj Goutham Chand Surana Trust.

The School strives to provide a nurturing educating climate which encourages life-long learning. The school in its decennial year aims at empowering the young learners with varied skills to emerge as holistic individuals.

We gratefully acknowledge the blessings and rededicate ourselves to value based quality education.


pavann“Highest Manifestation of Human Intelligence is Faith. It is by Giving up Your past, You Begin to Focus Your Energy on going up in the future. You should always remember your failure and Success as they will be your key formula’s to reach your goal.” This is the vision of our Beloved Chairman Shri Goutam Chand Surana.

He made sure that our future generation should never lack in getting quality education. By giving his valuable time & energy for 35 years for upbringing the society through education, he as a kingmaker built kingdoms (schools) and handed over to younger generation with principles to follow on the path of ahimsa. He insists to be calm in tough situations, not to be hasty in judging a person and to be quick to forgive.

Having power and position is not as important as what you choose to do with it. Age, time and health couldn’t stop him. 10 years back he started the school with just 133 students. With all his soul efforts the School is successfully completing its 10th year with nearly 1000 students. The School with its modern Infrastructure, adequate sports amenities and trained faculty have received laurels from varied arenas.

Every day in my prayers I thank God, for giving this beautiful king size life and for choosing me to serve this society under his guidance. I Am Blessed I Am Blessed I Am Blessed




Sri Sushwani Matha Jain Vidyalaya



  "The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you" -B.B.King

Yes, Education being a very important tool for the well being of the society - changes the attitude,, determines the altitude and tells the value of life. Value based education plays a big role in shaping individuals behavior, so that students can display good conduct, interact with each other well and imbibe spirituality in all aspects of life. Hence value based morals are very important in any given system of education because the benefits not only impact an individual but is rather felt by the whole society. We need to understand the concepts, Practice the values daily to open the door of success. Therefore we have to improve the quality of our thought process and upgrade our thoughts. We need to plant quality seeds if we desire to have a good harvest. So let us together strive to sow quality education to bring up wonderful students. - Dr.K.Sujatha M. Sc., M. Ed., M. Phil., M.S., PGDCA., P.hD. Principal